I’m Lynne Chang, a lifelong Londoner (well, almost) with an equally lifelong interest in the food that defines my cultural heritage. I often cook for my lovely family, friends and my husband Chris. Some time ago, I started writing down all the informal recipes I learned from my dear grandmother and from the other smart cookies in the Chang family.

After all, we in the Chinese diaspora have one of the most exciting world cuisines … but all too often in today’s busy world, the secrets of the kitchen don’t get passed down from parent to child the way they used to. Some of those old methods are being lost, and I’m turning my notes and my cookery experiences into a series of cookbooks, the first of which is Lynne’s Month of Meals.

Am I a globally famous chef? Far from it! I studied law, became a banker, then ran my own catering company for six years. I learnt some professional culinary skills from attending a Cordon Bleu course and I acquired refined drinking techniques from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s Diploma course. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of my recipes, sign up for my mailing list .

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