A few choice words from people who’ve read my book and tried some of the recipes. Thanks to everyone who’s been kind enough to email or leave a review!

“Just got my copy…did the chicken noodle soup last night, a revelation!!”

-Martin, food lover

“Liz and I made the wonton revival soup from your book. It was delicious! Such a great recipe and the instructions were spot on…so that tells you how easy the instructions are to follow!”

-Danielle, food lover

“Just purchased this book, it is fantastic. All the recipes include pictures and ingredients are easy to source. I tried one of the recipes which was quick and easy to follow and tasted amazing. I love to cook and experiment with new food and this book has been just perfect for the extra va-va-voom at dinner parties. Would recommend it to everyone!”

Prathiba, food lover

“Lynne’s style of instruction makes everything so easy in the kitchen. All I can say is: why hasn’t she shared this before?”

– Mello, literary editor

“So far tried 3 recipes out of this book, and they are delicious. Can’t wait to try the rest!”

– Amazon reviewer

“Not only did I like the book, the author herself came to my home and cooked all the dishes for me. Being married to Lynne is an advantage…”

– Chris, London

“Tried the Salt and Pepper Prawn recipe! Super easy and great for entertaining. Can’t wait to try all the other recipes!”

– Amy, Vancouver

“Chuffed with my signed copy of Lynne Chang’s first book – she made me a Banh Mi while we were working on the proofs… it was delicious!”

– Michelle, designer

“It is absolutely fantastic to publish such an amazing cooking book in English for Asian food. All these foods are popular with all Chinese families everywhere in the world. Fabulous!!”

– Embert, Taiwan

“Lucky me that my wife got this cook book and she has been trying out some of these delicious recipes. Love the lemongrass pork dish, very tasty and full of flavors. Sticky rice dish is very good for breakfast or lunch and the pate chaud pastry tasted much better than store bought. Can’t wait for what my wife’s going cook next”

– Andrew, New Jersey